The Lower The Better

December 15, 2019
To a church that sometimes finds worship of God, flat, stale, or boring, the shepherds remind us humility is essential to hearing the gospel, seeing its evidence, and worshipping as a result.

More Than a Feeling

December 8, 2019
Christmas sentimentality is often an escape plan from real life. This sermon explores God with us in real life, contrasted against the mindless fluff land Christmas too easily becomes.

Divine Disruptions

December 1, 2019
We have all experienced disruptions to our plans. This sermon explores how God With Us gives us hope when plans don't go as we expected.

New Frontiers

November 24, 2019
"God With Us" will take us into New Frontiers, frontiers in which we will be asked to believe the unbelievable, something easier said than done. This sermon explores the challenges and blessing of believing God's promises.